Dave Kelly Msg





    "Annually, Paul Newman, The USA TODAY WEEKEND magazine, and 529 newspapers which carry USA WEEKEND sponsor substantial prizes to charities as awards to persons and organizations which make significant contributions to charitable or community service causes on "Make a Difference Day", which is the 4th Saturday in October each year, which is October 26th this year.  The awards are national, regional, and local with prizes from $2500 to $10,000 with newspaper and TV  coverage.  We could not ask for a better news opportunity to put ELKS members' good works into newspapers reaching millions of homes.

    PROPOSED:  For years, Past State President Don Fenn, and many Lodges, have collected pull tabs from aluminum cans.  Brother Don then sells the collected aluminum, and all the proceeds from the effort goes to the Oregon "Make A Wish Foundation."  If every Lodge, our members, spouses, Ladies Auxiliaries, scouts and any other group will all join together in literally collecting TONS of aluminum pull tabs for the "Make A Wish Foundation", we will have a very significant entry by the Oregon State Elks for a regional, perhaps national award.  We can take the tabs we collect to to our October convention on Beaverton and then PSP Don Fenn can present our efforts on "Make a Difference Day" on October 26th. On that  day we can also present Brother Fenn with any cash contributions our Lodge may have collected for the "Make a Wish Foundation."  If your Lodge is currently collecting tabs for some other program, you may consider temporarily contributing to this "Make A Difference Day" Statewide effort of the OSEA.  That choice is up to your members.

    We may win an award from Paul Newman, we may not.  More important than any award we may win will be the knowledge that 50,000 Oregon Elks have joined together in pursuit of a very good and noble purpose.

    Please join us in our efforts.  There is no cost involved in collecting tabs.  I look forward to our Oregon Elks Making a Difference on October 26th !

Dave Kelly, OSEA President